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11 Most Beautiful Regions in Belgium

A fascinating place to visit, Belgium consists of three very autonomous regions, with Flanders in the north being very different both culturally and linguistically from Wallonia in the south and the multicultural capital of Brussels in the center of the country. As such, the northern cities of Bruges, Antwerp, and Ghent with their spectacular historic centers offer up a very different proposition from the more industrial cities of Charleroi, Liege, and Namur in the south.

In addition to its diverse communities, cultures, and languages, Belgium also boasts a wide array of different landscapes, with its windswept North Sea coastline contrasting delightfully with the peaceful countryside that makes up much of the country, and the humongous forests that can be found in the Ardennes.


Located in the northeast of Belgium bordering the Netherlands, Antwerp is dominated by the city of the same name. When traveling between the region’s fascinating cities, you’ll see lots of scenic countryside, with woods and farmhouses dotted between the many farms and fields.

The second-largest city in the country, Antwerp is awash with beautiful buildings and interesting monuments and museums for you to check out. It is also renowned for its diamond trade and wealth of great shops and upmarket boutiques.

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