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As a leading B2B DMC, we at Globus Holidays understand that every client has different needs and requirements when it comes to travel. That is why our company provides services such as hotel bookings or flight reservations along with visa support for all clients who require assistance in preparing their trips abroad


globusholidays.com is a leading agency for customized tour packages in India, offering services to clients across the world with different needs and requirements when it comes travel planning . We provide our customers not only hotel bookings but also flight reservations or visa support among other things so they can enjoy their trip worry free!


globusholidays.com offers a one-stop solution to all your travel needs with their wide range of customized packages and services that they provide for clients worldwide! The leading India B2B DMC, globus holidays has been dedicated towards providing excellent customer service since 1999 when it first started out as just an agency helping people book hotels rooms or flights; nowadays we offer visa support too which means there’s no need worry about getting stuck without legal documents while visiting another country because our experts will be on hand 24/7 should anything go wrong

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