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Europe B2B DMC in Kathmandu, Nepal

What’s your next getaway? Looking for a Travel Agency that can provide the best services in Nepal, then look no further. Here at Globus Holidays we have been providing top notch tours since 1992 and our team has extensive experience with plenty of expertise to offer you anything from all over Europe or Asia depending on what suits you better! We also organize cultural trips as well adventure treks which are great ways see this beautiful country up close while getting some fresh air along side it too; don’t forget about our wide range tour packages including trekking one if those adventures is right up their alley.


Want to experience the beauty of Nepal? Why not hire our team and we will make sure you visit this amazing country. With more than 20 years in business, Globus Holidays is one-of-a kind travel agency that offers top notch services! Our tours are customized for every traveler’s interests from trekking trips all the way up to wine tasting excursions.”


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