Honeymoon Experience In Japan

Honeymoon Experience In Japan

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  • Visit to the Shinto shrine
  • Sneak peek inside the manga culture
  • Exploring Meiji Jinja temple
  • Sightseeing of Asakusa, Sensoji Temple and Hama-Rikyu Gardens
  • Attend a tea ceremony
  • Hakone sightseeing of its town, Hakone Open air museum
  • View of Mt Fuji at a distance
  • Private Spanish style vessel ride on Lake Ashi
  • World’s second longest cable car ride, to Mt Owakudani
  • Kyoto Sightseeing- Heian shrine, Nijo Castle, Kinkakuji & Daitoku-ji Zen Temple


• Personal shopping experience with a private shopper at ‘Tokyo’s Champs Elysees’ Omote-Sando
• Private sushi lessons at the Tokyo Sushi Academy
• Traditional Japanese Wedding Kimono dress up, performance of wedding ritual followed by traditional wedding dinner
• Sake tasting tour
• Introduction to Geisha culture and authentic kaiseki dinner

• Private arrival and departure airport transfers
• The services of  Representative

* On arrival in each country, you are welcomed by your  Representative who conducts a briefing on your time in the country. Our Representative is always at hand to provide unparalleled 24/7 support, be it local travel tips or reconfirming arrangement details, to providing recommendations for restaurants and shopping. Should you ever need help or advice, dial your  Representative’s mobile phone for prompt and courteous service at any time..

Day 1 | On arrival you will be welcomed by our Representative and transferred to your hotel in a Vintage Rolls Royce and assisted with check-in.

Tokyo is the world’s busiest, wildest and wackiest city.
Day is at leisure.
Afternoon, visit Tokyo’s renowned Shinto shrine, wonderfully serene and austere. The 40-foot-high (12-meter) torii gate at the entrance to the 200-acre park is made of 1,500-year-old cypress, and there’s another one closer to the shrine itself. Stop at the cleansing station where you may dip into a communal water tank to cleanse your hands and mouth before offering a prayer. You can write wishes on little pieces of paper and tie them onto the prayer wall, or do as the locals do – toss some yen into the offering box (it’s near the enormous taiko drum), bow your head twice, clap twice, and bow once more.
Explore the Akihabara Culture in the evening. We suggest you visit the Café Schatzkiste; Experience the subculture in this global mecca of manga, anime and gaming ‘otaku’ geeks. This is a quintessential Tokyo experience not to be missed.
It is recommended, you dine at one of the world class restaurants located in your hotel this evening. You may choose to explore the night life of Tokyo.
Overnight: Peninsula Hotel
Meal Plan: B

Day 2 | TOKYO – Visit Meiji Jinja and shop at Omote-Sando

After a romantic breakfast in bed, you will depart in a private vehicle for a short trip towards the old town.
Visit Meiji Jinja; Tokyo’s most famous Shrine, where you will have the opportunity to witness a traditional Shinto purification dance and receive a blessing from a Shinto Priest.
After lunch, you will head to ‘Tokyo’s Champs Elysees’ Omote-Sando, along with your private shopping guide. Flagship designer shop & boutiques of worldwide brands line this tree-lined boulevard east of Meiji Shrine. You may go off-streets for more casual wear; side street Takeshita-dori is only 440 yards long (400 meters long) and overflows with young shoppers with low-priced boutiques—a mecca for fashionable teens.
Evening is at leisure.
We recommend you visit the Lovenet which is a unique experience of drinks and light meal in a private theme setting. Each suite is an image of different resort hotel from around the globe. You may select the suite room which suits you the best.
Overnight: Peninsula Hotel
Meal Plan: B

Day 3 | TOKYO – Visit Asakusa, Sensoji Temple, Hama-Rikyu Gardens, attend a tea ceremony & private sushi lessons

Asakusa, part of Tokyo’s Shitamachi (old town) and home to Sensoji Temple is also the Geisha district. In the company of a private guide explore the old town.
Hama-Rikyu Gardens situated at the mouth of the Sumida River and known to be a feudal lord’s haven during the Edo period. It consists of an old-style tea-house located on the tidal pond, a 300-year-old pine, pruned pine trees, plum trees grove and a peony field. The Tokugawa shoguns once used the duck hunting grounds and the rambling garden facing Tokyo Bay was the former villa of the shogun. Make time for ceremonial tea at the teahouse on a pond, experience the culture of tea, to immerse yourselves in the philosophical world of sado, or chanoyu, or the “way of tea.”
Learn the art of some exceptional fish cutting, rice pressing and sushi serving skills at the capital’s premier sushi school in a private sushi lesson. Tokyo Sushi Academy a perfect souvenir from the city and an experience you will never forget.
Overnight: Peninsula Hotel
Meal Plan: B


Travel with your experienced private guide in a private vehicle to Kamakura, the formal capital of Japan turned quaint seaside town. Explore the town while visiting the Large Bronze Buddha Statue, Kenchoji Temple and various other shrines of importance.
After lunch continue to Fuji Hakone National Park where you will stay in a traditional inn. Hakone is the gateway to Mt. Fuji and is famous for its onsen or natural hot springs. Explore the national park.
Nestled away in the mountains of Hakone, is the spa resort of Hakone Ginyu. ‘Ginyu’ translates to a person seeking inspiration for a poem by traveling around. It offers stunning views of the Haya-Kawa River as well as the Hakone Mountains. Typical Japanese Zen style is the core essence of the resort’s interiors, commanding view of a Japanese Garden, and an authentic style Onsen “Natural Hot Spring” is a perfect way to enjoy a romantic honeymoon.
Evening is at leisure to relax and unwind in the beautifully crafted stone bath.
We recommend you enjoy a delectable dinner of fresh seasonal authentic Japanese cuisine at the resorts restaurant.
Overnight: Hakone Ginyu
Meal Plan: B

Day 5 | HAKONE – Mt Fuji view, Visit to Hakone Open air museum, private ride on Lake Ashi and cable car ride

After breakfast, visit the Hakone Open Air Museum and its intriguing number of outdoor sculptures. It also holds an extensive Picasso collection. Open daily, with Western and Japanese sculpture in a yawning cliff side setting.
Proceed to an awe-inspiring Lake Ashi, the core of Hakone. Take a romantic ride on a private Spanish style vessel in the lake and soak in the mesmerizing vista.
After lunch, you will ride the world’s second longest cable car to the top of Mt Owakudani. You will visit Gora, which is a small town from where the cable car to Sounzan starts. Your heart may skip a beat as you crest a ridge that leaves you spell bound. You are hundreds of meters over the Great Boiling Valley (Owakudani Gorge). The visible cracks in the surface of the earth spit sulfurous fumes, setting the adrenaline flowing in your veins with each expulsion.
Evening is at leisure.
Overnight: Hakone Ginyu
Meal Plan: B

Day 6 | HAKONE – KYOTO – Sightseeing- Heian shrine, Nijo Castle, Kinkakuji & Daitoku-ji Zen Temple

After breakfast you will be onboard the Green Car of Shinkansen bullet train to Kyoto.
Kyoto is home to an astonishing 2000 Shrines and Temples, including 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sights some of which you will explore by a private car.
Amongst other things you will visit Heian Shrine, home to Japan’s largest torii gate and strolling gardens. Explore Nijo Castle, famous for its Momoyama architecture, decorated sliding doors and ‘chirping’ nightingale floors. Continue on to Kinkakuji, originally constructed as a retirement villa for the Shogun. After his death and at his request it became a Buddhist Temple. The Daitoku-ji Zen Temple consists of a main temple and 22 sub-temples; one of which, Daisen-in, is home to one of Japan’s best Zen rock gardens, ideal for some Zen meditation practice.
Overnight: Granvia Hotel
Meal Plan: B

Day 7 | KYOTO – Traditional Japanese Wedding Kimono

Enjoy a leisurely breakfast served in the privacy of your suite.
Today will be a busy day as you start with having your hair styled, make up done and get dressed in traditional Japanese wedding kimonos.
After lunch, you will be transferred by a luxury private car to Kamigamo Shrine, the oldest Shinto shrine in Kyoto and a registered World Heritage Site. Your hairdresser will be accompanying you. You will then perform a traditional wedding ceremony administered by a Shinto priest in this tranquil and atmospheric shrine.
Dinner tonight will be a special Wedding Dinner in a private room at the Granvia’s Rakusui Japanese restaurant.
Overnight: Granvia Hotel
Meal Plan: B

Day 8 | KYOTO – Sake tasting and Geisha performance at a kaiseki dinner

Breakfast is at the hotel.
Spend the morning on a guided tour of the sake brewery. You will be introduced to the traditional brewing processes and a history of the brewery. You will then sample a selection of their sake, followed by a visit to a liquor shop where the owner will educate you about the different types of sake on offer.
Today evening, you will have a rare opportunity to experience the customary art and the world of the Geisha. The enticing, fascinating symbols of the art and tradition of Kyoto, Geisha, exist in a rare world that is usually not open to the general public let alone international visitors. The word Geisha literally translates to a person of art, and are indeed, finely schooled in a variety of traditional arts including classical dancing and playing of musical instruments.
Opportunities to see maiko, apprentice geisha, perform are rare, as reservations can be very difficult to secure. With special privileges you will have the chance to watch an authentic maiko performance, also enjoy an exquisite and exotic Kyoto-style kaiseki dinner (a traditional, Japanese meal), at the open-air riverside terrace of Momijiya Restaurant.
Overnight: Granvia Hotel
Meal Plan: B


After breakfast you will be transferred by a private vehicle for your private charter to Tokyo for your flight ahead.
Meal Plan: B

Tour Cost: On Request